The Importance of Social Media Analytics

How complex and time consuming work in the world of social media is was a lesson I learned quickly as I began my classes in social media this semester as well as beginning volunteer work for a local non-profit in the realm of social media. There are so many do’s and do-not’s specific to each social media network. It is most definitely a learning process, but it is important to learn the things that work and the things that do not work for your specific organization and the purposes of your social media accounts. Social media analytics is a way to access the information you need to quantitatively measure what is working and what is not working on your social media accounts.

Jeff Slayer, PhD., director of media services at Lee University, lectured in my Social Media and Innovation course this week and talked about the importance of social media analytics in your social media strategy. He says that first you must develop a brand for yourself, then ask what your goal is for social media (is it to engage? is it for brand awareness? is it to increase website traffic? etc.), then know who your audience is in order to develop a social media platform around the answers to those things.

Slayer discusses the importance of forming a social media playbook. This playbook should include a break down of brand identity and voice, as well as a break down of each social media network, the strengths and demographics of said networks, the suggested frequency of postings for each site, and what kind of cohesive content you want to post for each site.

Slayer then took us through a site the university uses to analyze social media data called Sprout Social. He showed us the data for a few of the university’s sites and how to use the data to improve on your social media tactics. Slayer suggests, “Analyze, adjust, create. Analyze, adjust, create.” For Slayer social media analytics is a great tool to know what content is working and what content is not working.

For myself, it was such a cool thing to see these insights into the background of social media accounts at my university. He expressed tactics that he implements into his work on a daily basis that I have been learning about in my classes and further learn how to implement those things in my work.


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